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We Enjoy Making Your Life Easier.

Well manage your vacation property with exceptional care and for the highest rates of occupancies. Our friendly team will work with you and setup a contract that makes good sense. Our housekeeping and inspection policies are designed to keep our owner customers confident that your property is in good hands. And when it comes to communication with you, we go the extra mile by providing you the industry's most comprehensive reporting system, through your very own portal login, with real-time calendars and expenses and payment accounting. Call us today, and let's visit and discuss what is important to you. And, if you are buying or selling a property, please contact our friendly real estate brokers. Purchase or sell your vacation home or vacation condo with the local professionals at Edgewater Property Management. Call Lynn Zemmer today. (941) 778-8104


Unsurpassed Customer Service

We know what it takes to provide exemplary customer service and we strive to treat every guest as if they were staying in our own home.  We know you want us to go the “extra mile” with your property and we will do just that for our guests! 

Concierge Services

As part of our commitment to go above and beyond just renting a place to stay, Edgewater Vacation Homes offers our guests help with getting discounts, fishing charters, Jet Ski rentals, recommendations of places to eat, spas, special event planning, and more.  We want our guests to be pampered and make their vacation a life time of memories.

Housekeeping / Inspections

Here again is one area that we feel we separate ourselves from the rest.  We are in constant contact with our housekeeping team which allows for complete quality control. Here are a few key concepts that ensure your investment and the guest’s experience is the best.

Light bulbs and batteries

Our cleaners must check these items each time. It’s these little things that make for an overall wonderful experience for our guests.


Our cleaners are thoroughly checking your unit each time, so if there is something amiss such as a spill on the carpet, or a broken vase, we know it and will take the necessary steps to not only remedy the issue, but will withhold from the responsible party’s security deposit to cover the costs.


Your condo or home is your investment.  You deserve to know everything that is going on with respect to your investment.  Edgewater Vacation Homes believes in communicating with their owners on a regular basis.  Owners can call anytime to discuss concerns, forecasts for rentals, property status, or just because they want to. Edgewater Vacation Homes also gives regular business updates to their owners so you are kept apprised of all of the hard work going on behind the scenes. Have a great idea?  Let us know! We look forward to a long and successful relationship.

Real-Time Calendars

Ever wanted to know if your unit is booked and if you can use it for a night or two?  At Edgewater Vacation Homes we believe in keeping availability calendars published openly for the benefit of both guests and owners.  Owners even have the ability to blackout dates for their own personal use.  We work hard at making your life easier!

What You See is What You Get

Large management companies often display stock photos and do not guaranty a specific unit to guests.  At Edgewater Vacation Homes we believe guests deserve to know exactly what they are renting.   This comes from not only advertising professional photos of your unit, but by ensuring that your unit is kept in top condition with respect to cleanliness and maintenance.

Marketing and Advertising

Industry statistics show that 90% of vacation rentals are found online.  Therefore we dedicate multiple resources to ensure your property obtains maximum visibility through internet searches and various vacation rental sites.  This allows us to promote your property in the most effective manner. Never a cost to you!  No hidden fees here!


We like to put ourselves in the shoes of the renter (since we like to travel too, we know what we would want or expect).  We strive to answer all email inquiries within 6 hours and all phone messages within 2-3 hours.  We answer our phones seven days a week.  We understand the need for customer service! 

Online reservations

We have the ultimate online reservation systems for our future and repeat guests. Our site design is optimized and made convenient for all visitors. Guests may book online, or talk to a professional reservationist, now. Our website was designed after major travel reservation websites to ensure the utmost in ease for booking online.

Security Deposit or Accidental Renter Damage Insurance (ARDI)

We know sometimes accidents occur.  As an additional benefit to preferred property owners we include Accidental Renter Damage Insurance (ARDI). This allows an increased level of protection to ensure your investment is guarded against the unexpected.  This provides you the owner, piece of mind as well as guest retention.  Be sure and ask us why!

Working with Owners to Generate More Income

Since we consider your home a personal extension of ourselves, here at Edgewater Vacation Homes, we view ourselves as partners with our owners.  We know very well the little things that guests like.  We also know what relatively small things will make photos stand out from the rest.  We want to partner with you to make sure your get the maximum rental revenue possible.  Try us.  We’ll come to your unit and show you how to generate even more income.

Comparing Apples to Apples

One thing we will admit to is that we are not perfect.  This is why we believe we are one of the best Anna Maria Island and Long Boat Key property management companies you will find.  Sounds like a contradiction, we know.  But because we know there’s room to improve, we are constantly in communication with our owners and guests to find ways to make things better.  We believe when you compare us to other companies, you will find our attention to detail far surpasses the competition.  We hope that when you compare (and we do encourage you to do so before making your property management decision) that you compare apples to apples.

Some companies boast a low commission rate only to restrict owners from using their home to two weeks a year.  They may also require owners to pay all advertising costs or have high "nickel and dime" fees.  How well are other companies doing with respect to quality control?  We know there are other good property management companies on Anna Maria Island and Long Boat Key, but when you really compare all of the factors:  commission, cleanliness, communication, guest service, quality control and more, we believe you will find Edgewater Vacation Homes to be a smart choice in your property management decision!


Our state of the art website is designed to make both the guest and owner experience a pleasant and easy one.  A guest can easily book a unit right online.  But there is much more to our website than displaying professionally photographed units.  Our website is designed with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allowing for fast load times while guests are searching for accommodations.  CSS design also allows for better Site Engine Optimization (SEO) giving higher relevance to premier search engines such as Google and Yahoo.